Music or kids – What’s worse on an airplane?

4 Feb

I feel like a first class gal riding in a coach world.

There is something about riding snug in coach seating during the holidays.

Or anytime.

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Do kids need Uggs and Canada Goose Jackets?

1 Feb

Does anyone remember BiWay? It was kind of a very small precursor to walmart. Now the buildings that the stores were in house things like Dollarama and Giant Tiger.

Biway logo

I remember coming home from school one day when I was about 8 or 9 years old and laying on my bed was a brand new outfit that included a t-shirt, and an acid watch jean skirt with a matching acid wash jean jacket.

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Please rip this moustache off my face

20 Jan

Camera 360

I have a moustache.

(Not in the above photo, that’s post wax).

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Depression isn’t pretty. It’s grey.

13 Jan

Lately when I look outside, all I see is grey. Occasionally, rarely really, do I see a tiny sliver of sun and before I can turn my head to it, it’s gone, as though it was almost imagined.

That’s how I feel right now. Inside. It’s as though I am looking at the world through a lens of grey where there is no colour to be found. And it sucks.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember saying “when I grow up, I hope I’m never happy”. Who does that? Anyone? I doubt it. I like to be happy, I’m just not. And it isn’t a specific thing, unless you count the chemical imbalance that is depression to be a “thing”.

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I will continue to care until I find something that clicks and something that sticks

11 Jan


Changing my eating

Blah blah blah.

Same thing, different day.

Should I even write about this?  Does anyone care?

Do I care?

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My to do list

10 Jan

Get magazine deals at Mags Direct today.

I joined a free 30 day challenge starting on January 1st.


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The lazy person’s guide to Disney World and Universal – no planning involved!

4 Jan

We just got back from an eight day trip to Florida where we spent four days at Disney World and one day at Orlando Universal Studios – Islands of Adventures.

That’s right, folks, EIGHT days in Florida at the busiest time of year.

Prior to leaving, people kept asking me about our game plan. I did some online “research” in the form of a quick google check that only served to stress me out big time.

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