My kid has more money than me

3 Oct

My 8 year old daughter carries a nice little (adult) purse.  In that purse, she carries a few standard “lady”  items such as lip gloss, gum, a small pack of tissues, a (fake) cell phone.  She also has three wallets.  That’s right.  THREE wallets.  3 wallets. One wallet is solely for change.  It’s made out of old kool aid wrappers and she bought it for one dollar at an art show that we went to this past summer.  My daughter often has a lot of change in this particular wallet, to the point that her purse is heavy for me to carry.

She soon realized that this small wallet was not cutting it for her so she started using another wallet she had, this one from Claires, something she received as a gift for her 6th birthday.  This particular wallet is black and has silver sparkly stars on it and is quite cute.  It’s a sturdy wallet but pretty.  This wallet contains the bills.

The third wallet came into the mix when my daughter’s cards did not all fit into the second wallet.  I know what you’re thinking – what 8 year old has cards?  The answer is – mine.  She keeps her gift cards in her main black wallet, but her chuck e cheese cheerleader card is in the card wallet, as is a dave and busters card, and several hotel keys.  This purple “pleather” wallet was a stocking gift from a neighbouring Santa last Christmas.

The other day, my daughter was counting her money, and she had a wad of bills like no other I have seen, short of a casino.  My husband and I pay my daughter an allowance of 8 dollars a week and she earns it – emptying the dishwasher, setting and clearing the table, keeping an eye on her little brother, and maintaining her room.  She also earns money from well meaning grandparents who pay her for singing songs to them.

Last weekend, I was a Chapters with my kids and I was exchanging a book that my daughter had bought with one of her gift cards.  The difference from the new book was $1.15 and when I looked in my wallet, I had nothing.  I didn’t want to debit or credit such a low amount so I turned to my daughter and borrowed money from her.  That’s right, I borrowed $20 from my 8 year old.  I paid her back promptly!

I am proud that my little girl manages her money.  She saves money, and spends some on carefully thought out purchases.  My three year old son (turning 4 in a few weeks) started his allowance a few weeks ago ($3/week until he’s 4).  Adding that to $5 from my father in law, my 3 year old now has $14 dollars in his piggy bank.

Soon enough, my kids really will have more money than me!


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