For the love of boy bands.

28 Jan

When I was 11 I discovered the New Kids on the Block. I loved them. I wanted to marry Donnie Wahlberg, “the bad boy”. I went to three concerts. I was a huge, huge fan.

In grade 7, I had a sleepover with two friends and we stayed up all night (aka 2:00AM when you’re 12 years old) writing letters to the boyz. We thought that if we sent twenty letters in a big box with a peace sign necklace that we bought with our own money and a hand drawn map to my house inviting them to dinner when they came to Canada gave us an edge. Totally not stalkerish at all. /sarcasm

I saw one concert at Copps Colleseum sitting BEHIND the stage and at one point Joe was singing “please don’t go girl” and he pointed right at me. That’s right ladies, Joey Joe, pointed. right. at. me. Obviously I was bawling my eyes out! Little did I know that he couldn’t see anything with those lights.

I had Hangin’ Tough Live on VHS and I wore it out from constant use. I actually needed to replace it. Thanks to the magic of youtube, it’s now available for always!

When I was 15, I discovered the Backstreet Boys. My love for them was enduring and strong. I went to three concerts and I met them at their hotel after a concert. Not like THAT! My friend and I found out where were staying and stayed there too, along with 2343234 other girls. Apparently AJ was having toilet issues.

I liked them all the way through highschool and university. My friend M and I watched them debut “I want it that way” on Saturday Night Live and our two male friends who were there that night swear that the temperature rose in the room from our screams. No doubt the neighbours were contemplating calling the police.

You are MY fire!

Around the same time, I discovered N’Sync. Bye Bye Bye? One of the greatest songs to dance to of all time. For real.

When I was 20, I watched Making the Band with friends in university and discovered O-Town. Jacob was just so hot! 😉

From NKOTB to O’Town, I have liked many a boyband – New Edition, Perfect Gentlemen (who? Yeah, exactly.), 98 degrees, LFO, Soul Decision, etc).  If the guys were marginally good looking, danced and did not play instruments, didn’t write a single song, and sang anywhere from bad to mediocre, I was hooked! There was something about the combination of it all that I just loved, loved, loved!

And then boy bands went out of style.

People started playing instruments again or something. I became a mom, Lady Gaga rose to fame, American Idol came to the screen, Beiber fever started. The boy band guys started losing their hair, having kids and appearing on dancing with the stars.

And then came One Direction.

This boyband out of the UK has all the ingredients.

Cute guys who can sort of sing – check.

British accents – check, check, check!

Play their own instruements – come on now. Of course not.

Video with them soulfully staring into space – check.

And they are breaking into North America. And girls are freaking out. Like screaming and stalking them freaking out.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited to freak out.

And nothing.

Like that Chorus Line song – I feel nothing.

No excitement. No squealing. No dreaming of meeting them.

I think age has a lot to do with it. They are all under 20. WAY too young. So young that I look at them and feel maternal rather than attracted. They are kids and I am not a kid any more. And I don’t want to be.

I’m ok with that. Moving past boybands is almost like losing a huge piece of my childhood. But I have gained so much in exchange. Besides, NKOTB still tour, and lets face it – they’ve got the right stuff! 😉


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