Valentine Cards

14 Feb

I am addicted to Pinterest. Like I seriously love it. I like the concept of pinning. I like the photos. I like wasting spending time pinning photos.

I am not crafty. Or handy. Oh, in my mind, I am both crafty and handy, but in reality, I call tradespeople when I need something done, and I buy things that other people make.

But I still want to be crafty. (I am fine not being handy, I don’t need to put in a floor or toilet or paint a room to feel satisfaction. And tradesmen are usually hot, right?)

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I saw a fabulous pin on twitter and promptly pinned it. I believe I even tweeted that I was going to do this for Valentine’s day.

Seriously? How cool are those cards? And even my wanna-be crafty self could accomplish these. But today is February 13th and I have run out of time.

Instead, I made a mad dash to Shoppers Drug Mart after picking up the kids from school and we got these:

Yes, that is a Cars Valentine Kit with lollipops. I also got the Princess kit and between the two, TJ was able to get all of the kids in both his JK class and his preschool class. These cards are unique and different not because they are handmade with a handmade bracelet, but because they have their very own cavity makers included. Store bought, sugar filled lollipops.

Alexandra is another story. When you’re 8, Cars and Princesses are soooooooo out of style. She needed a different Valentine. She would have been perfect for the bracelet valentines from pinterest.  Instead, she went through neutral 3D type cards.

Maybe it’s because I work. I don’t know. Next year, I am so going to be crafty. 😉 In the meantime, those lollipops aren’t half bad!


2 Responses to “Valentine Cards”

  1. Sandra February 14, 2012 at 1:54 am #

    Well…crafty or not, I just LOVED them! Thanks Alex and TJ! xoxox

    • jexalt February 15, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

      I’m so glad!! Getting treats on v-day is nice, commercial holiday or not!! Say hi to my baby for me, I can’t wait to see her soon – she is too cute for me!

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