Stick figures for your car. And for crazy people.

18 Feb

For a while now, I have been seeing minivans in my neighbourhood with stick people stickers on the back of them. I assumed that these vehicles belonged to a daycare centre or some sort of a private carpool/driving service. After I started seeing them on the back of sedans, I looked a little closer. Did those stick people represent the family driving in the car?

What the what?

Today I was reading this post from Shauna Glenn, author of the funniest blog ever, and she was talking about the stick people on the back of cars and I was laughing and laughing and shouting “yes” at my computer screen.

I agree with everything she said. I also agree with the people who made comments.

Call me totally crazy and over sensitive and hyper vigiliant and and and and… But do you (you meaning people who put these stickers on your car) not think that it’s just a little, well STUPID, to advertise for all the world (and by “all the world” I mean pedophiles and crazy people who abduct children) how many people are in your family, what you do, if you have pets, your kid’s interests and… your kid’s NAMES?

Mr. Crazy: Hey Billy, your dad Tim just told me that your dog Spot has gone missing and I need to take you and Mary to your mom Sue’s workplace at the library.

Billy: Um. Ok?

Even if Billy says no, Mr. Crazy still knows the make up of your family and possibly your interests.

On a “good” note, one of the companies that makes these stickers has a warning on them that says that they don’t promote putting names on the stickers because of potential danger to families. But obviously some people ignore this.

Take this with a grain of salt, because I have a blog and I talk about my kids and post photos. Maybe I’m the stupid one.


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