One of the cool(est) kids

20 Feb

My son has it. It.

Remember in grade school or high school how there was that kid who was just cool? Maybe you knew the kid or maybe you were the kid, but there was always that kid.

My son is that kid. 

TJ is cool.

From an early age (ha, he’s four now), he has been into fashion. He picks out all his own clothes, he loves to go shopping, and he loves to “online shop”. Alex and I are often online looking up outfits and clothes and deciding what kinds of things she wants for the coming season. TJ can hear us from a mile away and always comes running, screaming for us to “put it to the boys section”.

I was on Pinterest and TJ went crazy for the following outfits:

(All clothes are from this site.)

He loved the supenders. And the scarf. And the boots. 

Recently, he let me know that he NEEDED red jeans. Where he got this from, I have no idea, but I looked around and found a pair at H&M. We went shopping and left with not only the red jeans, but a(nother) red and white checkered shirt (smaller squares, mommy), AND a fedora and a tie.

A fedora and a tie.

Selected by my son who NEEDED them.

Each night, before bed, we pick out the clothes we are wearing the next day and my son is VERY involved. One day, when I went to pick him up from school, he was wearing something different from what he had picked out. In fact, he was wearing a shirt. And a tie.

You’re so dressed up today, TJ.

I proposed to K today.

What the what?

I called my husband who said that after I left for work, TJ let him know that he was going to ask K to marry him and he needed to dress up a bit. He brought a plastic ring.

A few weeks later, when I picked him up, he whispered in my ear that he was married.

That’s right. I’m a mother in law.

And that’s not all. My son, always trendy, jumped on the Big Love and Sister Wives bandwagon and married two girls. K and K.

Jump ahead to Valentine’s Day and he got them each lip smacker chapsticks but now feels like he needs to get one for A – she’s jealous, you know.

In addition to all the wives and clothes, TJ has a ton of friends. He’s always going on playdates, kids are always coming up to him, and he is always the right there in the thick of things.

Better than being cool though, my son is NICE and COMPASSIONATE and KIND. He isn’t a bully. He doesn’t hit (knock on wood). He plays with everyone. He shares.

He may be small (literally, he is tiny), but he is MIGHTY!

Best of all. He loves his mommy. 🙂

TJ wearing his new backpack.

Playing at the park on Labour Day.

Thanksgiving at the cottage.

Having a cookie on a date with mom!


2 Responses to “One of the cool(est) kids”

  1. Canadian Dad February 21, 2012 at 3:23 am #

    Ok, first thing is, I have a confession. This is my first visit to your site, I found it through SASS, and I thought your son was the blond kid in the clothes pictures, LOL!!

    Isn’t it the coolest when your kid starts caring what he wants to wear? At first I was depressed about it but then I realized that this is his first real hint of independence and went with it.

    I hope you’re right about him being the nice, cool kid. It definitely makes life a whole lot easier (not that I would know from my child hood, LOL).


    • jexalt February 21, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

      Thanks for commenting! How cool to hear from a Canadian blogger who is a dad! NO! My kid is not the one in the photos although I wonder if I would get free clothes if he was!

      I also like the sign of independence, but it makes just grabbing something when I am out and see a sale more difficult.

      I agree – I hope he stays nice, because he really is a nice little fella now and I want him to stay that way!

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