Songs of the summer

7 Apr

Recently, I added a few new songs to my Android phone and have taken up walking after dinner, solely for the purpose of listening to these songs loudly in my ear while pounding the pavement.


Have your friends your collect your records and then change your number.

I am obsessed with the song “Someone I Used to Know”, but an Australian singer named Gotye.


I really like everything about this song. My daughter discovered it actually, ages ago, and played it for me. Since then, I have searched around the radio trying to find the song whenever I am in the car.


Starships are meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky.

I like Nikki Minaj. I like her radio friendly stuff, even though I know she is more “hardcore” and the radio stuff gets slaughtered by critics.

Starships is a pure fun song and perfect for my walks.


You chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth.

Is there ever not a Katy Perry song on the radio? Is that even possible?

I like this song because it’s catchy. That’s why I like most songs, really.

Is Part of Me her big Russel Brand break-up song?


Everyone else in the room can see it; everyone else but you.

Shut up. I may not want to marry One Direction, but I freakin’ love What Makes You Beautful. It’s such a fun song.

These kids are adorable, no? My daughter loves Harry.


You cast a spell on me.

I love how The Wanted sing with their sexy British Accents. I love how I imagine the video and being on some sort of a bender when I hear this song. I love it when that guy sings out “Glad You Came”. His name is Jay. 😉

Yeah, they’re also a boyband. So what?


You were, never a good lay.

I know this song isn’t new or even on the radio, but Ani DiFranco’s Gravel (the live version) is so sick. I love this song, and have loved this song for years. I always go back to this song because it’s that good.

Have I missed anything?


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