The anatomy of an Easter Egg hunt.

9 Apr

We celebrate a mean Commercial Easter in my family. 

On Easter morning, the kids wake up and search around my mother’s house where I have hidden copious amount of little eggs for them to find.

Today, my husband and I organized a super Easter Egg Hunt.

I was up bright and early where I headed to the store to pick out some chocolate bunnies and eggs.

As an aside, do not buy anything labelled “chocolate flavoured confection“. My husband, a self professed chocolate expert, has informed me that that is code word for “crappy, cheap, garbage“.

The kids and I got home and I sent them upstairs.

My husband and I sent up a ridiculously cool egg hunt with tons of clues that the kids needed to follow to collect eggs. At the end of the hunt was a giant, chocolate bunny for each kid.

My friend and her two kids came over and all four kids teamed up. Fifteen minutes later – the kids emerged from the trenches of egg hunting, with baskets full of chocolate and huge smiles on their faces.

These are our leftovers.


Here is my son playing with Treasure Trolls at my mother’s house!


My husband and daughter at Passover.


How cool that my kids get to celebrate both Passover and Easter?


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