Technology overload. When to log off?

13 Apr

Last weekend I went to my mother’s house from Saturday to Easter Sunday with my husband and our kids. We brought with us two laptops, our androids, and Alexandra’s iPod touch. Our computers were loaded with movies and our phones and the iPod had books and games and music.

When I write that out, it looks ridiculous.

One night. For one night at my mom’s house, we were set for basically no human interaction at all.

And my mom noticed.

Just to back up a bit, when we went to my mother’s over Christmas this year, she asked us to lay off the phones, because it seemed as though all we did was sit on our little pieces of technology.  And I did. I have made a concerted effort not to use my phone for any purpose when I am with my mom.

For some delusional reason, I though that by watching movies on my computer, I wouldn’t spend as much time on my phone and thus all would be ok.

It wasn’t.

I tried explaining to my mom that this is just the way the world is now – phones have many purposes, computers hold our movies, iPods have our music and books and games.

While I didn’t intend to hurt my mother, I did.

I can’t even remember the last time I logged off.  I think it was last Christmas when we went to Barbados.  I left my phone at home and it felt good to just be!  Sometimes, I leave my phone in the car at the cottage, but with everything being online these days, we often play Words with Friends while sitting on the deck at the cottage in lieu of playing the Scrabble Board Game.

My phone holds my calendar, to do list, journal, blog, music, twitter, facebook, messages, recipes, fitness tracker, etc, etc.

Without it, I’m a little lost.

Next time I go to my mom’s house, I will leave my stuff behind, because spending 24 hours playing board games, chatting and preparing food from recipe cards and memory with my amazing and awesome mom is FUN and normal and just a little bit retro! 😉

Do you ever turn off and tune out?


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