Getting rid of pounds. Second Week

26 Apr

It’s hard to see, but this week, I lost two pounds for a total of seven pounds lost!

I feel pretty good overall, but my exercise was slim to none this week and I really noticed.  I enjoy exercising and how it makes me feel, but once I miss one morning, it tends to set the tone for the rest of the week.  I admit to looking forward to better weather when walking in the evening with my music will be a real option.  There really is something about walking with music in my ears that I just love.  I can think things through and focus on my thoughts and the music.

Food wise, I’ve been good.  I enjoy what I eat, and am happy about it.  I had two pieces of white chocolate and some frozen yogurt, but I’m ok with that.

My BP was great when I saw my doctor today!  I felt really excited about it and also relieved.  Psychologically, I feel healthier.  Mind/body connection maybe?

Either way, I enjoy continuing on this journey and am loving feeling (and looking?) better! 🙂

Posts on my weight loss journey.

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