No brain tumour. I still like Step Up and Timbaland and SYTYCD.

31 Jul

I don’t have a brain tumour.  Oddly enough, I feel odd about those results.  Turns out that whatever was on the x-ray looking all tumour like, was actually some sort of shading. The MRI was clear.

Really, I should be jumping up and down, and I am happy, but I sort of figured that maybe this tumour was the answer to all the things going on like depression and anxiety and if it was removed, I would be normal again.

On a good note, I don’t have a tumour in my brain!

Summers to me mean So You Think You Can Dance. I love, love, love that show. I love to snark on it. I love to watch it. I love to imagine and remember just how much I loved to dance.

Also, and totally unsurprisingly I am quite sure, I am a huge fan of the Step Up movies.

A few weeks ago the Step Up dancers (including Twitch!) were on SYTYCD.  Dancing to a Timbaland song, a song I have since added to heavy rotation on my phone during my nightly walks.

Can you spot the SYTYCD alums?


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