Cottage 2012

6 Aug

I am not a cottage person. At all. 

We have a cottage. My husband and kids love it.


Once upon a time, my husband’s grandfather built a cottage – ON HIS OWN – in Muskoka. My mother in law spent summers there as a kid, my husband spent summers there as a kid, and now my small people get to spend their summers there.

The cottage is a true cottage, with lots of beds in minimal rooms, an old style kitchen, and a lake water shower.

It is also on a point on a beautiful lake, with a huge deck, a beach and a dock, two boats, tons of floating things, a canoe, and a paddle board, plus ample land to run around on.  

I have spent almost every weekend there this summer, save for the one where I was ill and my family came home, and it has been wonderful and stress free.  Next weekend, my husband’s aunt and her family come to spend the rest of August, and though we will go up and down, it will not be with the same frequency, as they deserve some time there too!

This summer has been different, because my kids are a bit older – 9 and 4 – and have been able to stay up at the cottage with my husband while I work in the city.  Each one has also come home with me for a week of “mom time”, time that I have really treasured!

A bonus to the many beds  is that we can have friends up, and this summer has been absolutely amazing for that! We have had people come, and come back, and come back again. I have sat on the beach and the dock and the deck with my girlfriends, drinking wine and chilling. I have gone on hikes and swims and paddle boards with the kids. I have eaten some amazing food thanks to my husband and his friends!

Maybe I am a cottager after all?


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