Remember when we taped things on VCRs?

11 Aug

I went to see Ragtime today at the Shaw Festival with my mother and it was unbelievable.

The opening number gave me absolute shivers and by the end of the show, I had tears in my eyes.

Sometimes it just amazes me just how lucky those of us in the Toronto area are to have access to such world class theatre (Shaw and Stratford and Toronto).

So I got to thinking. When Ragtime was first on Broadway in the late 1990’s, I was going through a Doctorow phase and had just finished reading Ragtime.  I taped the Tony awards on my VCR and watched and rewatched the opening number while dancing in my basement ( I can’t seriously be the only person who did that, can I?).  The actors were on the Rosie O’Donnell show (I think) singing the song Our Children and I taped that as well, listening to it over and over.

Now, I just type in anything I can think of into Google or YouTube and it appears.

My kids are living in such a different world.

There used to be a show on one of the Buffalo radio stations called “Open House Party” on Friday and/or Saturday evenings and all the newest songs debuted.  I would sit there with my ghetto blaster (yeah, that’s right, my ghetto blaster) and tape all the new songs that came out.

Now, when my daughter wants to hear a song or watch a performance, she opens up her lap top and you tubes what she wants, or she downloads the song to her iPOD.

So little effort involved these days.

I don’t have to wait around until December to hear “Do they know it’s Christmas”, any longer. I can listen to it today if want.

There was an old Saturday morning tv show on when I was about 5. All I remembered was that real people became cartoons and the words “from the video to the radio” where in the song somewhere.

I googled the phrase video to radio and low and behold, I found the show – called Kidd Video. 

Now, whenever I mention a VCR, my kids stare at me with blank expressions. They have no idea what a VCR is and when I explain it to them, along with a ghetto blaster, walkman, land line, tube TV, they laugh and laugh – likely the same way I did when my mom talked about black and white TVs and having only 3 channels.

And now I am officially old!


2 Responses to “Remember when we taped things on VCRs?”

  1. Sandra August 11, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    Yes…times have changed! I was at my grandmothers and we were trying to call my mom who was out of town. The phone number she left on the itinerary was for an office phone number and not the front desk. So, I grabbed my iPhone and entered in the name of the hotel, city and province and there it was. My grandmother couldn’t understand how it could be so easy. Seriously, she can’t even comprehend the Internet.

    I remembered back to having to pull out the Yellow Pages or phone book and physically look up numbers. Then, I realized I probably wouldn’t have been able to get the number from another city, let alone another province. Wow! I guess that takes us back to when people used to actually dial 411 for information… and before that I guess it was dialing 0 to get a live person to help connect you! I suppose we could go all the way back to carrier pigeons, but I’ll stop here. 🙂

    • jexalt August 11, 2012 at 12:37 pm #

      We just got the yellow pages the other day on our porches. I recycled mine without even looking at it!

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