Jenn’s week on – Part 5

16 Dec

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Tuesday November 2oth, 2012

I think I like journalling this week. It helps to write things down.

Today was an ok day.

Last night TJ got sick with a very croupy cough and I was up most of the night with him, which led me to being very tired throughout the day. I went for my massage (TJ sat with the iPad) and fell asleep when I came home for a few fitful minutes.

The house is messy and I haven’t accomplished anything on my to do list. Oddly, I am ok, because I don’t feel any rush, self imposed or otherwise. My anxiety level is somewhat high due to this, but not over the top, perhaps because there is no rush and I really do have time to do it tomorrow.

My goal remains the same. I do want to have all my areas organized and sorted by the end of the week. I feel a real sense of relief with respect to the basement.

Despite all of this, I had a very pronounced panic attack today where I though that I was being smothered. All told, it probably took an hour from it’s peak to calming down, with after effects lasting a bit longer. I also cried twice during the day, and I couldn’t find a trigger for it specifically.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appointment and another yoga class although if my muscles remains this sore, I will likely do the class on Thursday instead.


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