This is my oath to you

31 Dec

In keeping with my tradition of listening to the most poppy of all pop songs, I adore the song Oath by Cher Lloyd and Becky G.  Alex is a huge Becky G fan as evidenced by her new flat brimmed baseball hat, high tops and sweater with holes in it. :/

As I am about to ring in the new year – 2013 – this is MY Oath:

  • I will blog more often.
  • I will worry less about what people think.
  • I will menu plan.
  • I will make grocery lists.
  • I will eat out once per week or less, including lunches and takeaway.
  • I will eat more real and clean food.
  • I will continue to do yoga regularly.
  • I will walk or do an exercise video a few times a week.
  • I will dance alone (or with kids) in my room daily. To pop music.
  • I will shut off my phone and computer at night.
  • I will be more present and in the moment.

What will you do?

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