My to do list

10 Jan

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I joined a free 30 day challenge starting on January 1st.


I, along with a gazillion other people started 2013 off with resolutions to be better and look better and get better and feel better and better, better, better. In reality, I’m not a huge resolution maker. I’ve often though, why January? I get that it’s the New Year, but I find that spring or July or September especially are better times to make resolutions.  Oh well, I didn’t design the calendar.

Chalene Johnson, of Turbo Jam (please tell me you’ve seen the infomercials) has a book and a CD about getting your life into order.  I actually bought my husband the book Push last year and he never read it.  In fact, it’s still on his bedside table.

She also has a free email series. And I like free.

She calls it 30 day PUSH and each day, for 30 days, you get an email with a video and instructions.  Ten days in and what I am getting from it is how to set goals, make good to do lists and basically get my stuff done.  And I like it.

Why do I like it?

First, it’s for you as a person, not as a consumer or a dieter. It’s not a specific diet plan or exercise plan or life plan or business plan or household organization plan. You do with it what you will.

The crux is that you brainstorm 10 goals for the year or the quarter and then pick your PUSH goal(s), the goal(s) that will help you reach what you really want.

This year, I want to weight 120 pounds and be mentally and physically healthy. I want to spend meaningful time with my children and family.

To reach that I need to eat better, work out more, turn off the electronics, take time with my kids, husband and parents in a more present way each day, and say no to other things more so that I can prioritize my family.

Chalene recommends a ‘to do’ list – but not just any to do list, a super, duper, turbo-charged list.


The list should be done daily, at the same time and same place each day so that it becomes a habit.  There should be three categories – 1. today, 2. this week, 3. soon.

In the today category, I place all the things I need to accomplish today, without a doubt.  For example, on my list for today I need to wash, dry and fold a load of laundry, read to my son and work on letters and reading, spend mother/daughter time chatting before bed with my daughter and review her homework, make lunches for work and school, and exercise.  A doable daily list.

In the this week category, I place things that need to be done at some point this week.  My list this week includes sending in insurance receipts, picking up dry cleaning, going to 3 yoga classes and watching the Christmas episode of Downton Abby. Riveting stuff.

In the soon category, I have placed things that need to be done in the next little while such as an oil change, health card renewal for my daughter, renewing my mortgage, scheduled appointments and birthday parties, upcoming new lessons for my kids (soccer and singing) and when the next rec guide comes out so that I can sign the kids for swimming.

I also have a PUSH category so that I can see my overall goals of spending more time with my family and weighing 120 pounds and can make sure that I touch on those goals in my lists.

I’m using an app called on my android but there are lots of apps out there. Or pen and paper. Remember that?

Me neither.

I have always been a fan of lists, but I like this style. A lot.  It breaks the tasks up, and it includes everything, from appointments, to cleaning, to Downton Abby.

The caveat? Your tasks, well many of them, should lead back to your overall goals.  So in mine I schedule exercise and grocery shopping and cooking to hit my weight/health goal and I schedule specific family time to hit my meaningful time goal.

For the record, I have no affiliation with Chalene Johnson and have never gotten a single thing for free from her that isn’t free for everyone if they google PUSH and sign up. 

I digress.

I am hoping that this list thing works out to organize my thoughts and the things I need to do so that it’s not all in my head so much.  Since my phone is everywhere with me, when I remember that I need to schedule a dentist appointment, I add it to my today or this week list.

Easy peasy.

Ask me again in a month though.  :/

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