Please rip this moustache off my face

20 Jan

Camera 360

I have a moustache.

(Not in the above photo, that’s post wax).

It kind of looks like the starting of facial hair of a boy in grade 7, when it’s growing on the side a bit and the hair is really long and fine.

“Luckily”, my hair is fairly light, but it is still pretty gross overall.

So I get it waxed. Regularly.

In addition to my lady moustache, I need to clean up my eyebrows.

For some reason I am completely unable to tweeze my own eyebrows. I cannot take the self inflicted pain. At all. So in addition to my upper lip, I also get my eyebrow waxed.

Yesterday was hilarious. I could almost twirl my moustache around my fingers it was so long and I knew I needed to do something about it before I took a razor to my face. My day started at 9:30AM when I took my son to his hiphop class. My daughter and I drove around trying to find a nail place that did waxing in a neighbourhood that I don’t know all that well. We found a place, I ran in, ready to rectify the issue with hair all over my face.

They only took cash.

I had no cash.

Damn it.

It is now nearly 11AM so I went back to the dance studio, picked up my son and dropped my daughter off for her lessons.

My son was starting soccer at 1 and we needed to get him shinpads and socks and shoes so we ran around doing that until his class started. There was no time to remove my facial hair.

After soccer I picked up my daughter and we went for an oil change. Then we went to one of my favourite nail places but they didn’t have a spot until later. Same with the place down the street. And then the other place down the street. And the other place. On the other hand, I got a $10 off coupon for one place and found a deal with a manicure, pedicure and free eyebrow and upper lip wax from Monday to Wednesday. I just couldn’t wait though.

A few more errands later and I was at a 5th? 6th? place and they could accommodate me. Score!

While I was sitting there getting waxed, I thought to myself that the difference in price of waxes is interesting. This particular place cost me $13 plus tip for eyebrows and upper lip. My eyebrows are curly and uneven so the girl spent time evening out my brows and trimming and thinning them in addition to the wax.

I have paid as much as over $25 for an eyebrow wax and as little as $5 and to be honest, I haven’t noticed any difference. Some places look nicer, but the actual wax itself is pretty much always the same.

For around $15 every few weeks, it is money well spent in my opinion to get rid of my facial hair. I am always looking to save money and have considered waxing my own upper lip (never eyebrows. Tried that and failed miserably).


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