Music or kids – What’s worse on an airplane?

4 Feb

I feel like a first class gal riding in a coach world.

There is something about riding snug in coach seating during the holidays.

Or anytime.

We flew from Buffalo to Tampa this past December.

There was a kid on the plane, between the ages of two and three, who had tantrum after tantrum after tantrum, and despite having parents who were totally permissive and who appeared to have no consistency or boundaries, this kid either screamed or played loudly for the entire trip.

I don’t like to think of kids in pain, but perhaps this child was hurting in some way. Ear pain, maybe.

Worse than the sound of a wailing child is the sound of an iPod so loud, chalk full of an adult contemporary/EZ listening mix from the early to mid eighties.

I am sitting back in my chair when I hear Private Dancer by Tina Turner blaring from an unknown source. It was so loud that I honestly thought that planes started to play music like the way grocery stores do.

Looking at the lady across the aisle, bopping her head and mouthing the words, I knew. It was a really, really, really, extremely loud iPod.

I had visions of taking the iPod from her hand and stepping on it then handing her money to replace it.

It was that bad.

I tried to give her the look. You know the look, where you sort of stare down in a not so nice way, letting your eyes do all the talking? She wasn’t having it. Tina was making her too happy to pay any attention my to Tyra smizing.

Between the wailing kid and Tina Turner in stereo, the short flight seemed like I was flying non stop to China and back.

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