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Getting Rid of Pounds. Week Seven.

4 Jun

Yes. I skipped week six.  

And sort of week seven, because this is really week 7.5.

I don’t know why I stopped blogging exactly, except that I was on my THIRD round of antibiotics for a double ear and sinus infection and didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

Also, I stopped because my scale ate my batteries.

That’s right. My scale ate my batteries. For real!

My scale takes those thin, circle batteries and whenever I put one in, it seems to lodge out of place and then go into the abyss that is the middle of the scale.  I can shake the scale and hear my batteries, but I cannot get to them.  After I purchased several batteries, I finally thought about how ridiculous it was and decided to get a new scale, I just haven’t yet.

Any recommendations?

I do estimate based on my last doctor’s visit and how things are fitting me that I am likely at between 12 and 15 pounds total loss, but I will have to wait for my new scale to verify things.  Either way, I am looking and feeling better!

In the meantime, I found a yummy new snack that is available at a local bakery that carries a lot of gluten free products.  They had a few flavours available, including cappuccino, but I love apple, so that’s what I bought.  From the package, the company is called Paleo People and this snack is really tasty (I linked to the Canadian site, but if you click on .com, you will get the American site).  The woman at the bakery told me that she eats hers as a cereal with soy milk, but I prefer mine as a snack.  It is wheat and gluten free and it’s organic.  There doesn’t appear to be any added sugar based on the ingredients.  I gather that this product, based on the name (duh), is a part of the Paleo/Primal diet but it is perfect for gluten free eating.  

If you eat nut free, this is not the product for you.

The only downside? It was pretty expensive.  I might try to make my own, but it was really chewy so I’m not sure how it got that effect or if I could do it by myself.  You can order online, but the online price was the same as what the bakery was selling it for.

Either way, it was really good and I will likely buy it again.

And I also plan to return with my regularly scheduled Thursday post (ideally with a new scale), this coming Thursday!

*I have no connection to Paleo People, except that I randomly found their product, bought it, ate it and liked it.*


Getting rid of pounds. Blah blah blah.

5 May

Tom Hiddleston welcomes you to my whiny post. Stay for him.

You are welcome.


I learned a lesson in the past week or so. A good lesson. Lately I have enjoyed a little bit too much of the ice cream. And the white rice. And the GF tortilla chips. And I feel crap about it.

So far, there has been no reflection in my weight, but there is enough of a sluggish feeling that I know I cannot continue on this path.

There is a pattern at work, you see.

I lose some weight. I am happy. I feel I can eat what I want.

But I cannot.

I cannot eat what I want, when I want.

And I am ok with this.

When I let the voices of others – society and otherwise –  attempt to sway me from my chosen path, I fail to stay true to myself.

Restriction works for me. I enjoy restriction. I thrive on restriction. I am healthier when restricting.

As of now, I am off the rice and potatoes and sugar.

I am not in a place where “occasional treats” work and I am ok with that because if it’s not working, change it.

Glad to have gotten that off my chest, mind and back.


Now I can get back to my fun Friday night programming of following the Tom Hiddleston tag on Tumblr and reading about how he tweeted that orgasms are marvellous after he tweeted the ending to the Avengers movie using the word orgasm and then freaked out about the spoiler and deleted the tweet focusing instead on orgasm.

/fangirling like a maniac.  Flanked  by two sleeping small people beside me who would be truly and fantastically embarrassed that their mother still thinks like a teenager. And acts like one.

And yes, I am listening to the Wanted, thank you VERY much.

And in the immortal words of the bitchy “cool” girl from the best movie of all time Girls Just Want to Have Fun – “no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as good as me”.

With that – back to Tumblr.

Getting rid of pounds. Third Week.

3 May

My apologies.

I used the same photo from last week, due to being sick for the past several days.

I could not bring myself to muster the energy to take a new photo to reflect my ONE POUND weight loss!

Yes, I am down another pound this week, for a total of 8 pounds overall.  I admit that initially I was disappointed.

One pound is not a lot.

Looking at the bigger picture though, 8 pounds in three weeks is pretty darn awesome!

Food and workout wise, this was not a good week for me. I had a lot of not so good foods like ice cream far too often for it to be a “treat”.  It is hard to appreciate the food when I eat it too often.

Being sick has caused me to not exercise at all and to rely on comfort foods (ie ice cream) so I do have an “excuse” and a bit more inspiration to do better next week!

On that note, I joined a Monthly Challenge put on by my Beachbody coach.  My coach, Kim, runs a facebook accountability group where people who she coaches can talk about fitness and health and nutrition, etc, with a supportive group of people. She also runs monthly challenges for smaller groups (this group has 8 in total).   We substitute one meal a day with Shakeology and exercise and eat clean!  We all support and help each other reach our personal goals and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss wins.

I like to think that we all win just for taking part! 😉

On that note, this post is lame, I know, but I am sick and need more sleep.

Posts on my weight loss journey.

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