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Brain Tumour.

7 Jun

Today is normally my weigh in day, but OMG times infinity, I just got some crazy health news from my doctor and I am reeling and in shock and numb.

I have had recurrent sinus infections in the past few years, including a period recently with sinus, ear and throat infections and three rounds of antibiotics and I’m still not 100%.  My doctor sent me for sinus and chest x-rays and I got a call to come in.

Honestly, I figured I had (walking) pneumonia or something.  I was wrong.

So the xray shows what appears to be a pituitary tumour. I am sending you for an MRI to the hospital with the shortest wait time.

What the what?

All I essentially heard was – YOU HAVE BRAIN CANCER.

The good news is that I don’t have brain cancer.  A pituitary tumour is almost always benign, but it basically messes up a lot of stuff.  

It also explains a lot of really seemingly random symptoms I have that make a whole lot more sense now.

Either way, it doesn’t feel good to know that I (basically) have a TUMOUR IN MY BRAIN.

Ask me if I slept last night? Not so much.  It’s kind of difficult to relax and sleep when all I can think about is the TUMOUR IN MY BRAIN.

I started joking with my husband, because really, while I wait around for tests and sit in a state of perpetual not knowing, all you can do is joke.  He would say something and I would respond with, “is that appropriate to ask someone with a brain tumour?”  He didn’t find it all that funny.

Dr. Google, friends, etc, have told me enough not to be too, too worried, and enough to be really, really worried.

Either way, looks like the start of a new journey!

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